Pace of Play Program

  1. Anticipated paying time for 9 holes is 2 hours.
  2. Never record your score on or near the green.
  3. Do not leave your cart or clubs at the front of the green.
  4. Go directly to your ball, hit when safe to do so.
  5. Line up your putt before it is your turn.
  6. Mark errant shots with a landmark.
  7. Shorter hitters should hit first.
  8. Be conscious of the 3 minute lost ball rule.
  9. Play a provisional ball if you hit a shot that goes astray.
  10. First person to putt out, be ready to replace flagstick if removed.
  11. Play ready golf, keep pace with those in front and when necessary please wave faster players through.
  12. Tenth Tee: Players coming off the 9th green have right of way at all times.

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